Complete Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

From engineering to full assembly.


From product engineering to full-scale custom manufacturing of small widgets to fully finished machinery, we are ready to help streamline your manufacturing process at any stage of production.

With more than 50 years of industry experience and growth, we have developed a reputation for a high standard of quality and precision. With a broad range of experience, including the production of our own proprietary products, we offer a uniquely high level of understanding and agility in meeting market demands. Expect fast, dependable response times in product design, material flow, and plant production.


As a subsidiary of the S3 Group of companies specializing in broad-spectrum product development and manufacturing, S3 Manufacturing offers a uniquely diverse range of highly advanced services and capabilities. Our highly advanced engineering and testing lab offer capabilities in computational FEA (finite element analysis) for model, thermal and fluid dynamics. Our full-spectrum fabrication facilities include automated and semi-automated processes and some of the most advanced machining equipment and processes available. Assembly and finish include one of the largest powder-coating facilities in Canada, advanced (patent pending) painting procedures, and versatile packaging solutions including S3 RAPP packaging options.